This Is The Sustainable Summer Beauty Routine Refresh That Dreams Are Made Of

By Arden Fanning Andrews

It sounds a bit like a 90s children’s cartoon, perhaps, but there really isn’t a way to separate dreams of the future with the well-being of our planet anymore.

At least now, finally, the global climate discussion and pressure of Gen Z’s thoughtful purchasing power (Transparency! Sustainability!) has brands seriously investing in more eco-friendly practices. And in the beauty space, the initiative to go green is making a sustainable summer routine that much easier. Think small steps in the right direction, like Wildist’s 100% recyclable aluminum toothpaste tubes (not just cheap laminate, which ends up in a landfill), TAÏLA’s chemical-free, holistic recipes wrapped in clean glass packaging, or the recycled biodegradable containers that house botanical blends from Avalon Organics.

The logic has even extended to internal beauty, seen in the easy-peel labels that turn BareOrganics superfood powders into DIY Tupperware jars, or Olyxir’s antioxidant-packed Tea Strips which simply dissolve to shirk unnecessary sachet waste. And for total-body wellness, Yoga Design Lab’s sueded microfiber yoga mats offer a thoughtful combo of reimagined plastic bottles and natural tree rubber for a more centered stretch session. It’s necessary for us to think of Mother Earth as a part of the family—and with seventy percent of mom covered in water, ocean health is paramount. It’s summer, it’s sunny, and the SPF you’re investing in should be reef safe. Options from Bare Republic, Alba Botanica, and Australian Gold all make it easy to do the right thing.

Below, a high-low mix of options to help you hit refresh and take a stroll into the eco-powered future: