UFO Masks? Crystal Cuticle Oil? The New Wedding Beauty Treatments Worth A Double Take

By Over The Moon

What’s the best new excuse to break away from tradition before a wedding? How about the bevy of futuristic, outside-of-the-bridal-box treatments that are popping up thanks to increasing demand for all things newer, better, and faster in the beauty space? What once was a simple Korean sheet mask is now a spacey tech-focused tool that supercharges results. A lengthy trip to an aesthetician’s pricey LED light bed has been shrunk down, boxed up, and turned into an at-home device that rivals the ease of a Kindle. Makeup removal no longer requires soap (how much greener and cleaner can you get?), patches are smoothing wrinkles, and stickers are infused with mood-boosting powers.

If it all sounds like an episode of Stranger Things, then buckle up. Below, the new beauty products worth incorporating into the stressful weeks, days, and hours before the big day that don’t conform to the old school rules.

Foreo UFO Smartmask
A staple backstage at Victoria Beckham’s spring show this season for its speedy-yet-spa-like results, this little Swedish pod is a handheld mix of Korean skincare and the latest beauty technology. Once you pop in a patented mask, it warms to activate ingredients, cools to tighten pores and reduce puffiness, features LED light therapy to rejuvenate skin, and massages to soothe and boost ingredient absorption. Plus, for those that can’t handle walking around for 20 minutes with sheet masks obscuring their vision, it takes only takes 90 seconds to cycle through all of its futuristic offerings. Simply swirl around your face while its digital settings take care of the rest.

reVive Light Therapy Lookbook
Are you capable of reading a large book or a small magazine? That’s pretty much the skill set required for this light therapy device, which finally takes the expensive spa or medical practitioner appointment out of the LED equation. For those who wonder about the real results of LED therapy, the results are officially on record: In a clinical study, 97% of users experienced a significant reduction of wrinkles (think fine lines and stubborn crows feet). On top of that, it can even fade the appearance of puffy eyes, dark circles, acne scars, sunburn (the list goes on) all while evening out skin tone and encouraging natural collagen production. Pop on the included goggles and spend three minutes a day basking in the glow for serious complexion improvement.

Nannette de Gaspe Youth Revealed Hands Restoring Techstile Treatment
The one area that’s most forgotten about before the wedding? Your hands. Aside from a manicure, it’s easy to neglect moisturizing and protecting your two best accessories. These 100% waterless, reusable “techstile” treatments act like wearable skincare technology infused with a botanical-rich natural formula. Aside from smoothing lines and supercharging hydration, some users have even reported that veins are less noticeable after 15 minutes of wear. If you never thought about your hands before, trust that the dozens of close-up ring photos you’ll be taking will leave you thankful for that extra TLC.

Mazz Hanna Cuticle Oil with Amethyst Rollerball
Just to piggyback on the importance of caring for your hands, the amethyst crystal rollerball in Mazz Hanna’s new cuticle oil is meant to energetically help you fight the urge to bite your nails and chew your cuticles; a nasty habit many of us fall back into  in moments of extreme stress. Aside from the many benefits of healing crystals, amethyst is said to “clear the energetic field of negative influences and attachments, helping to overcome bad habits.” On top of that, nourishing organic oils promote nail health and growth, for an easy addition to your bedtime ritual.

Wrinkles Schminkles Chest & Decolletage Smoothing Kit
Those accordion-like lines that surface on the chest and neck can be caused by everything from sun damage, thinning skin, and sleeping on your side—whatever the reason, they can be an annoying nuisance to strapless gowns and portrait necklines alike. These clear silicone pads can be placed on chosen areas before you sleep (say, the night before the wedding) to visibly soften wrinkles and fine lines the next day. It may not fit into your honeymoon routine, but for a highly photographed event, this is a quick fix that works. (Cindy Crawford even told Vogue that she wears a similar version the night before shoots.)

Body Vibes Smart Stickers
Harnessing technology developed by a group of homeopathic doctors and engineers now known as bio-energy synthesis technology (B.E.S.T), these shiny stickers are programmed with frequencies meant to help balance your body. With options like Anti-Anxiety, Beauty, Focus, and Self-Love, it’s easy to find a mood match for day-of jitters. Simply choose your favorites (At The Beach is great for welcoming social activities like rehearsal dinners), peel off the stickers and apply to clean skin (preferably over your heart or left wrist) and let the vibes wash over you—after up to three days, you can remove and try a new combo.

Face Halo Pro Reusable Makeup Remover Pads
For super-sensitive skin, what could be dreamier than removing the possibility of irritating cleansers and oily makeup removers altogether? Powered simply by specially designed microfibers and water, these clever makeup remover pads do exactly that. The design lifts makeup gently from pores and lashes (even eyeshadow and mascara disappear) and can be washed and reused up to 200 times. The nontoxic, sustainable alternative to classic face wipes means you can simply toss one featherlight round into your bag to follow the golden beauty rule: always remove your makeup before bed. The real question is: Does that really hold true on your wedding night?  

—Arden Fanning Andrews