Alexandra Grecco Bridal 2021

By Shayna Seid

Alexandra Grecco’s 2021 collection was inspired by flowers, “which often bloom in the midst of wild and seemingly unfavorable surroundings,” she explains. “It’s the enduring nature of their captivating beauty that can offer us serenity when we need it most.” Titled “Botanica,” the offering is comprised of silhouettes with clean, modern lines, embellished with shimmering, hand-embroidered flowers that are both classic and abstract. Luxurious silk crepe in satin and matte finishes perfectly complement the silk lamé that casts an opulent glow with every turn.

Size and diversity inclusivity are ever-important to the label, who incentivize retailers to purchase samples in sizes 16 and up, so brides of all sizes can try on the gowns. And boutiques receive swatches in different shades of nude, so one can customize bases or linings to their skin tones—they’ve always offered this customization, but it’s now more accessible and apparent.

There are certainly a lot of pieces for the whole wedding weekend in Botanica, as are there pieces for all types of weddings—from intimate to elaborate. We can’t wait to see the sweeping, intricate veils and sleek dresses, like the Laurel, go down the aisle and more movable pieces like the Aster jumpsuit out on dance floors.