Amsale Bridal Fall 2022 Collection

By Maria Ward

It seems that the months spent predominantly indoors over the past year-plus have incited a penchant for design that invokes Mother Nature. Such was the case at Amsale Bridal Fall 2022. The collection was billed as a moment of rebirth akin to a butterfly emerging from the cocoon. This seemed all the more fitting considering that Sarah Swann, Chief Creative Officer of the luxury fashion house, tapped Michael Cho—a talented designer who, along with Swann, worked alongside the late Amsale Aberra herself for eight years — to return as designer of the Bridal and evening collections in March.

Cho’s first reference point was forest streams, as seen in dresses with sweeping architectural lines and side seams that angled towards the front to create the illusion of a slimmer silhouette. Flowing water was also reflected in a strapless bodice ball gown that opened the collection. Between the cascading ruffles and 3D corsages that trickled down the veil, Cho artfully blended structure with lightness and movement.

Mushroom caps inspired thread-work embellishments, while butterfly koi inspired flowing trains and skirts in fishtail-like pleated tulle, including those that came contrasted with the faintest layer of blush to make precious details, like delicate die-cut flowers, pop. Branching patterns were etched from plexiglass, which Cho explained was a more modern approach to embroidery. It was also a testament to his Amsale pedigree. Credited with inventing “the modern wedding dress,” beauty, detail, and innovation have always been like second nature to Amsale