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Katie Sands Bochner’s Dream Registry Reflects Her Ever-Evolving Aesthetic

By Shayna Seid | Photography by 

Olivia Rae James

|Planning by 

Posh Parties

What makes the perfect registry? Our Dream Registry series answers just that, providing an endless source of inspiration for those putting together their own Over The Moon registries. We enlisted the help of some of our most stylish and in-the-know friends—whether they’re single, engaged, or already married. (Because we’re taking a page from Carrie Bradshaw’s playbook and saying one should be able to register for Manolos no matter what their relationship status!) Peek inside the registries of tastemakers, from editors and stylists to wedding planners and beyond. Your dream registry is just a click away.

Television news anchor and lifestyle influencer Katie Sands Bochner married Brian Bochner, the vice president of marketing at cyber security company Resilience, on March 20, 2022, in Miami. To celebrate their first anniversary, we’re looking back at some of the New York City–based couple’s wedding photos and sharing the bride’s must-have Dream Registry picks.

Katie and Brian were set up on a date by Elizabeth Savetsky in the summer of 2018. Katie walked into Dante 45-minutes late. “I thought for sure that Brian probably already left because I was so late at this point that it was rude, not at all fashionable,” she recalls. “Luckily, I found the dimpled-face boy that I begged Elizabeth to set me up with sitting at the bar.”

Not even two years later, Brian proposed to Katie at the Chablé Maroma hotel in Mexico. They originally wanted to get married within a year and in the same location as their engagement; however, the pandemic, shifted their nuptials stateside to Faena Miami Beach. Brian’s parents actually met there decades prior, when it was The Saxony.

The bride wore a beautiful lace Vera Wang gown to walk down the aisle at the indoor Jewish ceremony. After being announced as a married couple, they hopped in a white Moke and zipped around town before their glamorous reception. Katie changed into a bow mini Carolina Herrera dress for the party.

A year later, Katie says, “My personal aesthetic is definitely on the more whimsical side; however, I have been leaning more towards business chic in the last year or so. My style and aesthetic are always evolving with me.” When it comes to decorating their living spaces, she prefers to keep their bigger pieces more muted and neutral, letting the pops of color come from accents like books, decorative objects, textiles, and art. “My mom, Ilene Sands, is an art consultant, so we looked to her to help us with the pops of color and fun art in our space. The art has really breathed a lot of life into the apartment.”

Merging Katie’s and Brian’s interior design styles happened when they first moved in together. “It’s always a little bit of a give and take in a relationship,” Katie shares. “He let me keep some of the colorful patterned pillows and throws, and I let him keep his pull up bar in the living room.”

From their real wedding registry, the happy couple still haven’t touched the silver or china that they received. “I know this will come in due time, as we aren’t the ones in the family hosting any holidays yet, but there is also some part of me that feels these pieces are more outdated,” she reveals.

“[The Valentina heart tray] is still my favorite item I received from our registry,” Katie shares. “It holds all my everyday jewelry, and looks super chic in our space.” And she swears that you can never have enough taper candles. “You never think to buy more until you have already run out. This is something I wish I had on my real registry.”

If you love a mermaid theme like Katie (and this writer), you’ll love the shell platter too. Katie quips, “Are these not the most fun plates you’ve ever seen?” And as a splurge item, she added the WE8 coffee machine. “This is something we would never buy ourselves, so why not add it to the registry to see if friends want to go in on a gift for you.”

Katie leaves us with important advice for couples creating their own wedding registries for the first time: “Choose bigger ticket items that you know you will use now. I find that most people creating their registry always talk in future tense, but you want to enjoy your products in the present and you never know where you’ll end up in the future.”

Shop Katie Sands’s Dream Registry below.