Ten/Ten Designer Catherine Sarr of ALMASIKA on Her Evolving Floating Diamond Ring

By Shayna Seid

Ten/Ten is a project that brings together conscious designers with responsibly sourced, small carat diamonds from Botswana to explore the harmonious connection between enduring natural beauty and energetic modern design resulting in a special numbered edition of engagement or “commitment” rings. Paris-born Catherine Sarr, designer of ALMASIKA, is one of those chosen to create her own interpretation of the prompt, and she brilliantly came up with a floating diamond ring with customizable undulating bands that is meant to evolve with its wearer over time.

Born to West African parents and having lived in several different countries, Catherine learned how jewelry can be a powerful uniting force. Her designs, she explains, are part of a “quest to show what we all do have in common.” And her approach to jewelry is somewhat anthropological. “I was always fascinated by the cultural aspect of jewelry,” she adds. “Why did we wear jewelry before clothes?” She took this question and transformed it as the basis for her collections.

Today, Catherine, based in Chicago, creates pieces with deceptively simple lines. And despite having no formal jewelry training, Catherine’s pieces focus on form and rhythm. “The human brain is attracted to curves,” she says. “In all my designs, there are curves and natural lines that really flow with your body.”

Catherine’s inspiration board.

Catherine’s effortless Parisian-style influence continued in her design process for the 10/10 project. Constructed as a single piece, the diamond floats in a bezel flanked by four undulating bands—for more personalization, two or more of her signature wavy bands can also be added. “The ring represents a lyrical energy arising from love,” she says. “Gold streams evolve in a sinuous harmony, forming a powerful and infinite energy embodied by the diamond.”

“I created a ring that could evolve with time, or how you feel, because I like an idea of flexibility on what should adorn this special finger for life,” Catherine explains. “When you wear it with other rings, it looks like a big statement but still close to the body.”

The full Ten/Ten collection is now available to purchase exclusively at Blue Nile