Tomo Koizumi for Treat Maison, a Fantastical Take on Japanese and Western Wedding Dresses

By Cathleen Freedman

Japanese dress designer Tomo Koizumi is widely regarded as the fashion’s latest “wunderkind.” Koizumi’s theatrical clothes are supremely exuberant, which is why the similarly innovative Marc Jacobs champions him. Beloved by Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and J-Pop group Perfume, Koizumi designs clothes for the daring. And now, he designs gowns for the daring bride.

Koizumi’s partnership with Japanese bridal boutique Treat Maison recently debuted eight bridalwear looks, along with his spring 2021 collection.

The Tomo Koizumi for Treat Maison wedding dresses are imaginative, decadent, and sublime. Nearly every dress is complete with tiers of tulle. This line is a complementary collaboration between Japanese and Western styles. “In my experience, truly good things can be appreciated regardless of nationality, gender, age, industry, religion, or any other boundary, and I wanted to bring that to the wedding industry in Japan and worldwide,” Koizumi says.

These dresses even explore the differences between modern and traditional Japanese weddings. Koizumi explains that “the modern Japanese wedding dress is often all white, but the traditional one has a lot of colors, reds and golds, and embroidery and painting. They’re really beautiful and really unique, and I wanted to take that as inspiration for my new collection.”

The frilly and flowing ruffled gowns look like they could be in full bloom. “There’s a word, ‘hanayome;’ it means ‘flower bride.’ This word inspired me a lot,” Koizumi shares about his process.

Draw inspiration from Koizumi’s flower brides, or better yet, wait until the gowns are available for your aisle trek.