Which Sex and The City Bride Are You?

By Patricia Garcia

When one thinks of New York City weddings, which we are doing a lot of this season, there’s not a chance that a Sex and the City festivity doesn’t come to mind. And although, maybe the most infamous wedding, Carrie and Big’s, happened on the big screen, we can’t forget how much this hit show impacted us all.

The four single ladies of Manhattan (until one decamped to Brooklyn, that is) were a seminal influence on women of all ages, and for two decades we categorized ourselves and our circle of friends into the four archetypes the show depicted so well: Carrie, über charismatic but reckless; Miranda, ambitious, whip smart, and judgemental; Charlotte, a hopeless romantic born into the wrong era; and Samantha, the sex positive icon with a DGAF attitude.

As we looked back and revisited the show that left such an undeniable mark on us through the lens of OTM, we couldn’t help but wonder: Which Sex and The City bride are you? Find out below with our detailed guide.

Charlotte When She Marries Trey

Venue: You’ve always pictured your ultra traditional ceremony taking place in a large, glass-stained church that has the capacity to accommodate at least 300 guests. As for your reception, it’s your family’s country club or bust. And of course, grandmother and grandfather also tied know there decades before you.

Dress: As if you would ever consider anything other than Vera.

Bling: A round-cut diamond solitaire is also the only acceptable option, preferably from Tiffany, for your engagement. And on the wedding day, you add a Tiffany infinity band to complement it.

Miranda When She Marries Steve

Venue: Since you’re eschewing a religious ceremony (I mean, duh), you’ll invite your loved ones to a short and sweet commitment ceremony inside a public garden, or perhaps a bed and breakfast in upstate New York.

Dress: As a practical woman, who is getting married for love, but who also doesn’t mind the tax benefits, you avoid choosing anything white (too bridal), anything with lace (too feminine), and instead choose a sensible, jewel-toned Carolina Herrera cocktail dress that you can also wear to that work benefit later in the year.

Bling: Even though you think it’s pointless to spend three months salary on an engagement ring and opted to go without one, you find yourself loving the simple gold wedding band adorning your finger post-ceremony.

Charlotte When She Marries Harry

Venue: Since you own a multi-million dollar apartment on Park, and let’s face it, have pretty impeccable taste, what better place to host your second wedding than in your own home? It’s intimate and the ultimate humble brag.

Dress: Since this is your second marriage, you decide to go with something more demure and skip the A-line ballroom skirt for a fitted, lace Monique Lhuillier dress. Yes, it’s your second go around, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look like a bride!

Bling: By now, you know that the perfect ring doesn’t mean a perfect marriage. Instead of fixating on things like cut or carats, you’re more drawn to family heirlooms, something that will stand the test of time, much like this marriage.

Carrie When Big Leaves Her at the Altar

Venue: A destination wedding is a must, and nothing’s more romantic saying “I do” in Paris. For your big day, the Paris Opera House, with its chandeliers and frescoed ceilings, has just the kind of majestic vibe you’ve been dreaming about.

Dress: Drama is your middle name, so you want to make sure you leave a lasting impression. That means you’re probably going to go with a risk taker like Naeem Khan, or Ralph & Russo, who know how to make a show-stopping dress. And while other brides are happy to wear grandmother’s pearls as accessories, you would never go with something as boring or predictable. A feathered headpiece has already been done, but what about some version of Givenchy’s pearl face masks?

Bling: A diamond ring is so basic. You want something exotic like a sapphire, or a black diamond, or that square cut aquamarine cocktail ring you’ve been obsessed with ever since Meghan Markle wore Princess Diana’s to her evening reception at Frogmore House.

Carrie When She Ties the Knot at City Hall

Venue: A City Hall ceremony, followed by a lunch and day drinking with your loved ones at your favorite restaurant in the city. What more could you ask for?

Dress: You’ve always wanted to pull a Bianca Jagger and get married in a low-cut pant suit, and now you have your chance. Plus, what better accessory to pair with a sleek white suit than a killer pair of blue velvet heels?

Bling: Engagement rings are for those who still buy into the wedding industrial complex. Instead, tell your husband to invest that money into renovating your dream closet.