Celebrity Planner Mindy Weiss Predicts the Biggest Wedding Trends of 2018

Mindy Weiss

With 2018 on the horizon, plenty of future brides and grooms are already busy planning their weddings set for next year. Of course, nobody wants a wedding that seems stale or overdone, so it’s important have an awareness of the trends. And while stalking other couple’s weddings on Over The Moon and Instagram certainly provides a solid idea of what’s out there, talking to an expert inevitably gives you more insight into how to stand out from the crowd. 

Enter celebrity planner Mindy Weiss, who is best known for planning the weddings of Ciara and Russell Wilson, Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello, and Ellen DeGeneres and Portia DeRossi. Just in time for the new year, Weiss breaks down the biggest wedding trends we can expect in 2018, including her advice on table decor, gifts, and color palettes. Goodbye baby’s breath, hello amaranths!

Pastels Meet Metallics
Neutrals and pastels continue to be all the rage but a new twist this season is adding metallic touches on your tables, reception decor, and even your bridesmaid dresses,” Weiss explains. “The contrast between the soft pastels and the striking metals creates a nice unexpected visual for guests.” 

Lower, Unusual Flower Arrangements
“Intimate floral arrangements will prevail over taller centerpieces,” she says. “Low, lush florals allow for conversation across the table but still keep things looking full. We’ve been leaning towards more cascading greenery being mixed in unstructured ways throughout the tableware.”

Amaranthus Is Back!
“This cascading plant gives floral pieces a lush feel and the striking color adds interest.”


Forget The Fabric, Go For Greenery
“Clear tents with greenery installations instead of fabric treatments will be a hit next year for outdoor events,” Weiss predicts. “It makes things really feel organic and crispy.”

French Service Dinners
“In recent years, brides have been saving money by having family style dinners instead of plated. However family style can be limiting as the plates take up so much room on the table—causing couples to sacrifice decor,” she explains. “A great alternative is French Service where waiters go around guest to guest with trays of food that they can pick from. Yummy appetizers like Brussels sprouts and french fries can stay on the table for guests to nibble on.”

Cakes Are on the Decline
“Couples are putting less and less emphasis on cakes at their wedding,” Weiss adds. “I see smaller cakes or some that are pre-sliced. There will also be more dessert options like passed pretzels and churros that can be devoured right on the dance floor.”

Gift Lounges
This, according to Weiss, is one of next year’s biggest trends. “Instead of having bags delivered to rooms, guests can pick and choose what they like from an assortment of items upon arrival at the hotel,” she says. “It’s also a great way for the bride and groom to get Facetime with their guests before the wedding without having to travel all over the place to see everyone.”

Invitations Loosen Up
Paper invites are still incredibly popular, but Weiss has been noticing more and more couples having fun when it comes to their invitations. “There’s a lot of mixing of fonts and engraving along with less monograms and more customized logos for the couple,” she says.

Balloons Are a Thing
Aside from traditional flower arrangements, couples are now using balloons in their wedding décor. “White balloons mixed with metallics keep things chic, but fun,” Weiss says. “Elegant balloon walls are especially popular and make a great photo backdrop!”

A Touch of Italy
Who doesn’t want to get married in Italy? For those who can’t plan a European jaunt, Weiss suggests using Italian linen tablecloths and napkins instead. “Using a variety of colors always makes things feel more luxe!”