9 Creative Alternatives to Table Numbers

By Shayna Seid
Riley Sheehey and Dylan Kough’s table cards.

Is it possible to make seating arrangements fun? Of course it is! One way to make them less agonizing is to get creative with your table markers. “Table One?” Predictable. “The Paris Table?” C’est très chic, non? If you already have a theme to your wedding, incorporating it into table markers should be a piece of cake. However, if all this wedding chaos has been clouding your brain, let us give you some creative inspiration.


This is such a fun way to have your guests learn a little bit about where your relationship has taken you and your significant other. From street names to cities, scatter your friends and family around tables named after places that have meant something to the both of you.

Riley Sheehey, a former OTM bride and illustrator, beautifully decorated her table placers in this way. “I painted a significant location on the back of each of our seventeen table numbers—some of my favorites were the restaurant we went on our first date, Charleston and Chicago, where we go on annual trips, and each of our childhood homes,” she explained.


We all have those songs that bring us back to specific times, so what better way to share the soundtrack of your relationship than on your wedding tables? (And then obviously when you get up and get down on the dance floor.) Have your guests humming in their heads with markers named after albums, artists, or songs.

Reading Material

Love to dive into a good book? Mark tables with your favorite novels or authors. Keep the intelligent aura alive and have these signifiers become great topics of conversation amongst your table-mates.

One of our couples, Sara Anthony and Zach Potter, were so in love with words that they got married at a library—and you bet they incorporated their zest for reading into their tables, too. Sara’s dad, a graphic designer, helped design all of the menus, while Samantha of Earnest Bee Calligraphy handmade all of the escort cards, signage, and table numbers, that included a curated collection of quotes from Sara and Zach’s favorite authors.

Movies and T.V.

Has Netflix or Game or Thrones strengthened your relationship to new levels? Why not name your tables after your favorite series to binge or movies that marked milestones in both of your lives? “Love, Actually” might be a mandatory one.

Famous Couples

This idea leaves so many options to choose from! From fictional to historic to iconic, couples as table names leaves room for the imagination to run wild. Just think of how much fun it will be to figure out who you will place at the “Elvis and Priscilla” or “Jack and Rose” table?


Had a first date at a summer baseball game? Do you bond over cheering for opposite teams? Naming tables after different sports teams or players or even stadiums could be ideal.

Food and Drink

If you or your partner is a foodie, this might be the way to go. Think of all the dinner dates you’ve been on and maybe choose the restaurants that have meant the most. If you’re more of a cocktail kind of couple, have a “Pina Colada” table that commemorates a tropical vacation you once took, or name a table “Manhattan” for all of your work friends—subtext can be fun to play with.

Flora and Fauna

Roses are red, violets are blue, naming tables is up to you. With this one, you could incorporate chosen plant-life into your centerpieces too. “Baby’s Breath” for the kids table is an obvious choice.

Artists and Designers

Maybe you studied art history or fashion or always head to Art Basel together, but whatever the reason, picking artists as table markers is an aesthetically pleasing choice. You could incorporate some of their famous works in the place cards or centerpieces. For example, double Cs could mark the “Chanel” table, while a metallic, balloon dog could stand for “Jeff Koons.” It’s art, darling, interpret it how you want!