Meghan Markle Wants to Give Her Own Wedding Speech and We Are 100% Behind That Decision


Another day, another royal tradition Meghan Markle is supposedly going to ditch at her wedding. A new rumor reveals that former Suits actress apparently wants to deliver her own toast at the lunch reception following her wedding to Prince Harry. A modern choice, indeed, by a very modern bride.

Traditionally, brides aren’t typically given the chance to speak at their wedding. Usually, it’s the father of the bride, the best man, and the maid of honor, who are tasked with toasting and roasting the new couple. But in recent years, more brides are choosing to grab the mic—which frankly makes sense considering they’re the ones who often spent months planning the whole shindig!

It’s no surprise then to learn that Markle, an outspoken feminist who has delivered speeches at the United Nations, would also want to speak up on her big day. According to the Times of London, she wants to take the opportunity to thank the Queen for supporting their unconventional relationship, and to give “an affectionate tribute” to her future husband, Prince Harry. Fingers crossed we non-royals get a chance to hear what she has to say, too!