Say Yes to the Mic: Why Brides Should Give a Speech At Their Own Wedding

Rachel McAdams

You’ve planned your entire wedding, which means you’ve voiced your opinion and asserted yourself day in and day out for the past twelve months. You’ve chosen the wedding planner, caterer, string quartet. And when you didn’t like something, you spoke up. Remember the baby’s breath florals your mother-in-law tried to talk you into? Or your husband’s Jock Jams pick for first dance? Brides have little issue speaking up . . . until the big day, that is. And we understand! Declaring how you feel in front of everyone who matters the most seems daunting. But, this day is a celebration of a new chapter in your life. Don’t you want to be responsible for the words on the first page? Below, five reasons why every bride should be making a speech on her wedding day, too.

1. Never Hold Your Peace
Now’s your time to say “thank you” to the people on the receiving end of late night phone calls and countless white-dressed selfies. To the co-captains on your six-hour road trip to hear the wedding band play live. To all the people who have gone the extra 60 miles. And remember to thank your better half’s family and friends too—your in-laws are already whispering how classy you are.

2. The Best Laid Plans
Brides more than likely have a plan, a contingency plan ,and a plan if the contingency plan didn’t go as planned for every detail of their wedding. (You even have a rehearsal to make sure you can walk down an aisle.) So, why would you leave this important moment up to chance? Give yourself plenty of time to write and edit a draft. And then, practice out loud . . . a lot. The spotlight doesn’t mean you have to be on the spot.

3. It Takes Two
If you’ve always dreamed of being in a variety show, try delivering the speech with your partner. Think of it as a script and play to your strengths. Is he or she a total sap, while you’re the class clown? Write that in! You can handle the belly laughs while your partner brings home the heart.

4. Confidence Conquers All
Yes, it’s true, your love will win the war, but in this speech, your confidence will win the battle. If you start to feel nervous, find your way back to the line of sight of some of your key players in the room. Remember, everyone is there to celebrate you and your partner. Take a deep breath, stand up tall, and raise a glass to yourself.

5. Your Wedding, Your Words
Historic traditions are meaningful and important, but a lifetime with your partner means new traditions—your traditions. It’s the things you did differently that will make this a night people won’t soon forget. So throw out the Insta-quotes and write some of your own. Inject your personality and let the audience in! Your love story is yours to tell and there’s nobody who can tell it like you.

Written By: Marisa Polansky and Kristine Keller of Speech Tank