We’re Giving Away Two Cute Clutches Just In Time For Wedding Season

Essex LA

When you’re a bridesmaid, so much of your wardrobe is determined by the bride. And let’s be honest, this can feel like a bit of a bummer at times. When you’re wearing a dress that’s basically been dictated to you, it’s only natural for a girl to want to bring a touch of her own style to the look. Hooray for Essex L.A.! Their signature Louie clutch comes in over 500 color combinations, and you can customize your very own, down to the zipper. We know you are probably asking . . . but is there actually something cute I can wear with a dress that makes me look like a pastel tent? YES! 

Amazing silver clutch with pink zipper – 1, Dyed-lilac raw silk pumps you will never wear again – 0! 

Brides take note—Louies make for great bridesmaids gifts and the Isa Beach Tote is perfect for your beach bound bachelorette.

 We asked founder, Glynn Connolly, about her experience as a bridesmaid and to reveal her favorite Louie color combo for weddings.
 Here, she tells all. Check out her funny answers and be sure to enter our giveaway on Instagram to win a Louie of your own. See the bottom of this post for details—good luck!

How many times have you been a bridesmaid?
At least 9. Probably forgetting one or two.

Have you ever reworn a bridesmaid dress?
For one wedding we all wore white dresses and I already had a perfect one so in that case I had already worn the dress but rewearing an actual bridesmaid dress purchased for the wedding?  NOPE.

What is the furthest you’ve traveled for a wedding?
Technically just the east coast but I did fly back from Europe early for one or two weddings.

Fave Louie color combo you’ve taken to a wedding?
My little metallic silver Louie with a red zipper is my fave for weddings. The silver goes with anything/everything and feels a bit fancy but it’s a little unexpected and not too cute.

Describe your reaction to being asked to be a bridesmaids by only using emojis.


Speed Round . . .

Stripper or no stripper?

Pool floats or penis straws?
Love a good penis straw.

Branded gear or color coordinated outfits?
Preferably neither. I mean you already have to wear the dress . . . ?

Drinks or no drinks before the ceremony?
Champagne for sure! And maybe tequila shots . . .

Make out with a groomsman or guest?
Groomsman. Wedding party bonding is very important! ?

Don’t forget to enter our giveaway! Winning will undoubtedly help you accessorize any bridesmaid dress or best dressed guest look you’re be wearing this spring. We’ve teamed up with Essex LA and Beyond Bridesmaids to gift two custom Louie clutches in the colorway of the winner’s choosing. To enter 1) Follow @overthemoonblog, @beyondbridesmaids, and @essexLA. 2) Like this post and tag a friend. One winner will be chosen at random on Friday and notified via DM. Good luck!