Julia Amory’s Dream Registry Evokes Her “Carolyn Bessette Goes to the Beach” Aesthetic

By Shayna Seid

What makes the perfect registry? Our Dream Registry series answers just that, providing an endless source of inspiration for those putting together their own Over The Moon registries. We enlisted the help of some of our most stylish and in-the-know friends—whether they’re single, engaged, or already married. (Because we’re taking a page from Carrie Bradshaw’s playbook and saying one should be able to register for Manolos no matter what their relationship status!) Peek inside the registries of tastemakers, from editors and stylists to wedding planners and beyond. Your dream registry is just a click away.

Photo: Patricia Kantzos

Julia Amory’s namesake lifestyle brand of tabletop, apparel, and accessories is now on Over The Moon, and since we featured Julia’s wedding when she first launched her company, who better to create a Dream Registry for us? For her Southampton wedding in October 2016, Julia knew she wanted to use printed tablecloths but couldn’t find anything that suited the aesthetic she was looking for, so she went ahead and made them herself. “I loved the fabric so much I had our bridesmaid robes made in the same fabric and my company, Julia Amory, was born,” she says.

While the founder grew up in New York City, she now splits her time between Florida and Long Island. Julia also gracefully describes her personal aesthetic as “Carolyn Bessette goes to the beach.”

When it comes to how she decorates her own space, there’s definitely some trial and error, but generally, she starts by selecting a hero fabric. “I’ve always gravitated towards working around a specific print, from there I look for small scale prints and complementary but different patterns to add texture,” she says. “I am a big proponent of brown furniture but like to mix that with lacquered pieces for contrast.”

For design inspiration, Julia says Edith Wharton’s The Decoration of Houses is a must read. “I’m also a huge fan of Tom Scherer’s high low aesthetic and have always taken inspiration from my husband’s aunt, Chessy Rayner, whose work via her design firm MAC II is iconic,” Julia shares. Luckily, her husband, Minot, is pretty deferential to her in the design department. “He grew up in a family of designers and VERY strong and fashionable ladies, so he knows it’s best to stay in his lane.”

Julia leaves us with important information for couples making their own Over The Moon Registries: “Go with what feels right, trust your instinct, and focus on what makes you tick, not what you think you should be selecting or what someone else is advising you to pick.”

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