To Kick Off the New Year, A New Skincare Routine

Everybody and their mother makes a fitness resolution at the beginning of a new year. Workout more, lose weight, start a cleanse—we’ve heard them all. Why not consider making a different—less taxing—pledge for 2018 and focus on improving your skin? After all, your face—not your abs—is the first thing people see, and in this day and age of Facetime, Instagram, and oversharing, a dewy visage is practically a requirement.

Over The Moon Co-Founder Andee Olson started getting serious about skincare last year after suffering from intense periods of dryness. “I met with Renee Rouleau last winter when my skin was at its ultimate worst and her products have totally changed my skin,” she explains. “Now it looks brighter, clearer, and I definitely have less wrinkles!” Inspired by the transformation she’s witnessed in the past few months, Andee wanted to share with our readers her daytime and nighttime skin regime. “Aside from this routine, I try to do at least one face mask a week, usually on Sunday nights while I catch up on TV,” she adds. “I also drink a ton of water, and when I do get a breakout, I try my absolute hardest not to pick at it, which wasn’t always the case before, and I have the tiny scars on my face to prove it. I have since learned my lesson!”

Below, how-to videos of her morning and evening skincare routines, and a slideshow with a few of her favorite products.


“I have been using this core routine for about a year now, and I think I finally found the perfect combination,” Andee explains.



“I really try not to wear any heavy makeup, and when I do, I’m a stickler about taking it all off before bed,” she adds.

Videos by Adam Soltis.