This One-Of-A-Kind Clutch Is Your Wedding Weekend It-Bag

Photography by

KT Merry


We loved everything about Up The Get Up blogger Natalie Steen’s stunning wedding in Miami. The fact that the bride and groom were college sweethearts; Natalie’s Mira Zwillinger lace dress; the caked topped with Herend peacock figurines and Murano glass oranges; her light blue Marchesa shoes; the list goes on and on. No detail was overlooked with Natalie at the helm of the planning process. “My day-to-day leading up to the wedding involved calling my mom and sisters around ten times a day, dreaming up new ideas with my sister-in-law, and trying to explain to Jamey why we had things like vintage stamps and postcards arriving in the mail every day,” laughs Natalie. “It seemed like madness at the time, but it is what I miss the most now!”

And while so many elements of the wedding were either sentimental nods to she and Jamey’s history or chic extras that added to the beauty of the day, we fell in love with one accessory that wasn’t handpicked by the bride herself. “Jamey’s mom and sister surprised me with this book clutch at the bridal luncheon,” remembers Natalie. “It’s embroidered with details of the crest that we used on all of our wedding stationery. To say Jamey’s family made me feel special throughout the entire wedding is an understatement—but this gift left me speechless (which if you know me, is no easy feat!).” The cover reads: “Natalie & Jamey: A Love Story,” and while the clutch looks a lot like an Olympia Le Tan design, it was actually purchased from the MrsChaplinShop on Etsy for a third of the price. Now, that’s a happy ending!