Lein Bridal Fall 2020

By Shayna Seid

Designer Meredith Stoecklein caters to the bride who wants to rewear their wedding weekend wardrobe pieces long after the honeymoon. The looks are very easy to style, dress up and dress down, and wear down the aisle—and isn’t that a sign of a great bridal label? “There are pieces in my closet that I wear in one city but not another. My personal style is ever-changing, so I wanted to create versatile clothes to wear in different places, spaces, and times in my life, just like my clients,” Meredith explains.

This is the first season that Lein is introducing lace and beading to their collection in the three years since it’s been around, and we’re certainly not complaining. The strapless dress with a beaded lace skirt looked so elegant when presented during NYBFW, but its versatility is proved in the look book, where it’s worn with sneakers—very cool girl chic a la Hailey Bieber. We also love the confetti dress and think it’s just dying to be shimmied in at an after-party. With leftover fabric from dresses, Meredith made the perfect accessories, including a belt and bag, to pair and complete the ensembles. She’s truly focused on not only dressing her brides but keeping them browsing her bridal collections for seasons to come.