The Best Wedding Illustrators: Over The Moon’s
2024 List

By Shayna Seid
Photo: Laura Gordon

While every couple wants their wedding day to feel unique, this becomes more and more of a challenge in your late 20s and 30s. When you’re off attending wedding after wedding after wedding, it’s inevitable that some things will start to seem repetitive. By now, I think it’s safe to say we’ve all encountered our fair share of illustrated paper goods. So much so that you may ask yourself: Are illustrations worth it in the end? Our answer is decidedly a “Y-E-S.” Custom illustrated invitations, menu cards, welcome maps, even family crests, are a beautiful, personal way to make a celebration feel special and one-of-a-kind. It’s also the kind of detail that gets guests excited. We’ve seen many an invitee turn the arrival of an illustrated save the date into an Instagram moment. Below, are a few of our favorite artists for your consideration. These are the names to know when planning your invitation suite and putting together your gift bags!

OTM Bride Jess Jacobs’s invitation suite. Photo: Sarah Falugo

Amber Moon

Specializing in wedding invitations, welcome gifts, and other design elements, Amber Moon’s artwork is truly a sight to behold—we especially love how everything is so detail-oriented, down to the well-curated and thoughtful the stamps are on each envelope. Most recently, we featured her work for OTM Bride Jess Jacobs’s wedding in Sicily.

Arabella June

Cape Town–based watercolor artist and designer Arabella June started her creative journey as a child while growing up in the karoo, in a small farming town in South Africa. Being surrounded by the wide-open spaces, the constant inspiration of nature influenced her love of flowers and design. She specializes in watercolour illustrations, luxury wedding stationery and branding and will work alongside you to create unique and one-of-a-kind pieces that stand the test of time.

OTM Bride Katy McCormick’s invitation suite.

Ashley D. Studio

After graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design, Ashley Begley spent several years at Lilly Pulitzer as a surface designer, honing her craft in painting and textiles. After seven years in the industry, she started Ashley D. Studio to marry her passion for painting, typography, and textiles to create custom pieces for celebratory occasions. We particularly love the suite she created for OTM Bride Katy McCormick’s Connecticut wedding.

OTM Bride Jenna Leigh O’Neill’s invitation suite, welcoming guests to her Lowcountry wedding. Photo: James x Schulze

Casa Felix

Only taking on four bespoke projects per year, Casa Felix works alongside some of the best planners on our list and is constantly featured on and Over The Moon. We find ourselves gushing over OTM Bride Jenna Leigh O’Neill’s wedding invitations constantly.

Ceci New York

The couture invitation gallery Ceci New York offers bespoke work for those interested in a more personalized one-of-a-kind wedding stationery suite. From the initial consultation, the team of artists will create an exclusive mood-board that will serve as the base for your project’s design aesthetic from start to finish.

OTM Bride Sarah Love’s butterfly-inspired invitation suite. Photo: Rebecca Yale

Cecile’s Paper Co.

Founded by Courtney Cecile Loeb, Cecile’s Paper Co. specializes in weaving together motifs, patterns, materials, typeface, copy, graphic design, and tactile elements to build a cohesive story, without overwhelming wedding guests with branded pieces. We still can’t get over the custom stationery suite created for OTM Bride Sarah Love’s micro-wedding in Italy.

OTM Bride Elle Dubose Blakeney’s invitation suite. Photo: Virgil Bunao

Cheree Berry Paper & Design

Founded in 2006, Cheree Berry Paper & Design is an award-winning design firm with a focus on printed materials and visual storytelling. A former art director at Kate Spade, founder Cheree Berry has grown her business to expand their offerings from invitations to environmental design. Most recently, she designed a beautiful suite for OTM Bride Elle Blakeney Moe’s Gasparilla Inn wedding.

OTM Bride Sarah Bunte’s invitation suite for her Charleston wedding. Photo: Olivia Rae James

Dear Elouise

Brent Ellis founded Atlanta-based paper goods and boutique design studio Dear Elouise in 2015 after several years of creating invitations for friends and family. Together with their clients, they make designs that distinctively reflects the couple’s style. We particularly love the botanical inspiration woven in OTM Bride Sarah Bunte’s invitation suite.

OTM Bride Sarah Lord’s custom invitation suite. Photo: Sarah Lawless

Gates Paper Co.

Based in Brooklyn and serving couples worldwide, Gates Paper Co. creates unique, personality-driven wedding stationery using luxury materials. We’re still swooning over OTM Bride Sarah Lord’s illustration suite for her wedding in Italy.

OTM Bride Lauren Del Valle’s invitation suite for her destination wedding in the Dominican Republic. Photo: Karla Garcia Costa

Happy Menocal Studio

Known for her whimsical, colorful crests, Happy may just be the O.G. wedding illustrator. The artist pretty much single handedly started the whole wedding illustration genre. Her dreamy watercolor images make a striking statement and can be carried throughout your entire wedding suite.  

Photo: Jose Villa

Inslee Fariss

Raleigh, North Carolina–based artist and illustrator Inslee Faris creates calendars, day planners, festive holiday cards, ornaments, and wedding invitations. She designs for individuals and large companies, and her work focuses on everything from figure studies to botanicals. Her beautiful art is also featured on tent draping, bar installations, and more for a cohesively designed day.

Photo: Kristen Marie Parker

Janelle Sing

Based out of New York, Janelle Sing is a talented painter and illustrator, who works mainly with brands and publications; however, for a few lucky clients each year, she creates custom artwork and stationery for weddings. She’s best known for her watercolors and digital drawings and has a particular eye for fashion—previously, Janelle was the designer for the summer footwear brand Soludos.

OTM Bride Jen Gummere’s wedding stationery. Photo: Janine Licare Photography

Julie King Studio

Charleston-based watercolor artist and stationer Julie King is widely known for her whimsical creations and signature handwriting. She and her team can easily create an elevated crest or the whole invitation suite that will set the tone for your wedding weekend. We particularly love the suite she created for OTM Bride Jen Gummere’s wedding in Napa.

Kirby x Art

Philadelphia-based illustrator and calligrapher Kirby Lowenstein is the artist behind Kirby x Art. Her custom work aims to capture the specificity, tone, and sentiment of an event through thoughtful design and a collaborative process. Lowenstein starts with sketches, grounding each project in carefully considered drawings and paintings.

Laura Lines created the beautiful calligraphy for OTM Bride Elaina Fagan’s invitation suite and all the artwork for her save the dates. Photo: Kristen Kilpatrick

Laura Lines Calligraphy

Based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Laura creates memorable moments on paper with stunning illustration and calligraphy. While tradition and precision are at the heart of her Copperplate calligraphy, her illustrations bring touches of whimsy and elegance. She also helped to create the stationery suite for one of our favorite weddings of all time—OTM Bride Elaina Fagan’s nuptials in Lake Como.

OTM Bride Madeline Hendryx Hemingway’s whimsical wedding stationery. Photo: Studio Brown

Linden Illustration

Based in Llantwit Major, a little seaside town in Wales, Linden Illustration is a boutique design studio specializing in custom event stationery, bespoke illustrations, and calligraphy. Founded by watercolor artist Jasmin Ryan, Linden’s works are painted entirely by hand with great attention to detail. She’s worked with several OTM Brides, but we can’t get the invitation suite she created for OTM Bride Madeline Hemingway’s Ireland wedding.

LouLou Baker

LouLou Baker can come up with flora, fauna, and heraldry to your heart’s content for wedding suites, stationery, maps, and more. Her illustrated playing cards feature several different popular wedding locations, making for the perfect gift bag item. And, they are sure to have your guests remembering your big day for years to come. We’ve collaborated with her on a many an item, so be sure to check them all out in our shop

OTM Bride Ashley Emma Shahid’s illustrated invitation suite. Photo: Blush Wood Studios & Chris Joriann Photography

Mine and Kindred

Mine + Kindred was founded to make custom artwork accessible to all couples for their wedding celebrations. All of the pieces created for clients are original and hand-painted, making them truly unique to each individual love story and history. OTM Bride Michaela O’Shaughnessy and OTM Bride Ashley Emma Shahid’s wedding suites were elevated by founder Lisa’s touch.

Riley Sheehey

Although not offering personal commissions for weddings, Riley Sheehey’s art studio has brought so much joy to newlyweds’ and our lives through whimsical illustration and hand-painted objects, surface design, and creative collaboration—like our exclusive printed dresses with Refine, Fleur Home mirrors, and holiday ornaments. Her artwork is inspired by vintage patterns, antique botanical prints, children’s literature, and the natural world.

OTM Bride Jennifer Lynn Kniland’s invitation suite. Photo: Rebecca Yale

Shhh My Darling

Jenny and Gra are the husband-wife team behind Shhh My Darling, a design agency that specializes in bespoke wedding stationery. They fell in love thanks to art, as they met in a cartoon studio, where they worked as character designers, background artists and story-boarders. The invitation suite for OTM Bride Jennifer Kniland’s wedding in La Quinta, California, is particularly memorable.

OTM Bride Kelsey Reckling’s botanical invitation suite. Photo: Laura Gordon

Stephanie Fishwick

An artist, illustrator, and calligrapher by trade, Charlottesville-based Stephanie Fishwick can create breathtaking botanical suites for your nuptials—and we collaborated with her and Alexia María to create the exclusive dress capsule of your dreams featuring her custom Sky Floral print. Going back to stationery—trust us, if Stephanie’s good enough for Gwyneth Paltrow, she’s good enough for anyone with discerning taste and a penchant for all things botanical. 

OTM Bride Daisy Bishop’s invitation suite set the tone for her wedding in Capri. Photo: Bottega53

The Lemontree Collective

Founded by Betsy Weir more than a decade ago, Australian-based Lemontree Calligraphy and Illustration has evolved into The Lemontree Collective, which utilizes the talents of many to coordinate beautiful custom events that include stationery, favors, decor, fashion, guest gifting services, tableware, table linens, signage, furniture, and international site installations.

Photo: Lucy Cuneo

Thistle and Briar Studio

Alexandra Pijut’s art and design studio is behind our personalized bachelorette bundles, featuring fun and whimsical crests with different themes. In addition to creating party merch, Pijut creates exquisite illustrations for wedding invitation suites—and she also debuted her demi-couture and bridal fashion collections on Over The Moon!

OTM Bride Jane Emma Kelly’s colorful invitation suite. Photo: O’Malley Photographers

Tie That Binds

Mekala Tinnin’s design studio specializes in thoughtful wedding invitations and tasteful event branding with fine art details. We especially love the suite she created for OTM Bride Jane Emma Kelly’s Seattle wedding.

OTM Bride Lily’s custom wedding stationery for her Venetian wedding. Photo: Bottega 53

TPD Design House

In 2000, TPD Founder Vanessa Kreckel wondered why so many personal invitations felt impersonal? Inspired by the possibilities of design, Vanessa began crafting wedding stationery that conveyed couples’ histories through illustration, color palettes, typography, and smartly mixed materials. TPD Design House was born.

Vidhi Dattani Designs

Indian born and raised, New York educated, and Brooklyn-based Vidhi Dattani offers a uniquely multicultural perspective and more than a decade of experience in fine-art, advertising, marketing, strategy, and design for print and web design. Each new project begins with a blank canvas. Her signature style of highly detailed watercolors with unique printing techniques and expert craftsmanship results in timeless pieces of art every time.

OTM Bride Elizabeth’s Steel’s custom invitation suite. Photo: David Bastianoni

Weldon Design

The New York–based multidisciplinary creative studio Weldon Design specializes in custom invitations, calligraphy, branding, and production. We’re in awe of founder Ellen Weldon’s work on OTM Bride Elizabeth Steel’s invitation suite for her wedding in St. Barths.