We’ve Found Your Post-Workout Skin Savior


There already aren’t enough hours in the day, and when you’re planning a wedding it can feel like there are even less. Booking vendors and negotiating contracts can easily feel like a full time job, but you still have to go to your actual job, attempt a social life, and try to get yourself to the gym to workout. Naturally, as the list grows, some things get pushed down on the priority scale. And, when you’re trying to squeeze in a pilates class before drinks with your friends, you may not have time for a shower and your full skincare routine. Lisa Bonoff and Amy Briant at Lumion feel your pain. Their answer to this problem? An all natural mist to keep your skin feeling fresh until you get home. Lumion Oxygen Mist uses oxygen to help hydrate and detoxify, plus, it has anti-aging benefits. The oxygen combines with hypochlorous acid, which fights bacteria, for a post-workout glow you’ll love. So throw a bottle in your gym bag and don’t sweat over missing your normal skincare regime ever again.

Lumion Oxygen Mist, $24