How to Get Our Meghan, Kate, and Pippa Manicures

By Alexandra Macon

Weve already imagined three potential wedding dress options for Meghan Markle: (1) something elegant, streamlined, and sophisticated, (2) something botanical, (3) something princess-worthy, and we shopped out the looks right down to the eau du parfum.

But, why stop there, we thought? Why not take things a step further and start to extrapolate about the duchess-to-bes potential beauty look? The speculation is part of the fun! So, we enlisted our friends over at our favorite nail salon, Tenoverten—which just so happens to be a big advocate of only using non-toxic polish (something we’re pretty sure Ms. Markle would be a fan of)—to imagine wedding manicures for the bride, her future sister-in-law Kate Middleton, and the other person who’ll likely get some love from the cameras on Saturday, Pippa. With this directive in mind, brand co-founders Nadine Abramcyk and Adair Ilyinsky were totally down to indulge us and had a great time dreaming up the manicures they could see the royals rocking come Saturday.

Colors: Catherine & Bond

The slanted French manicure seems like the perfect look for Meghans upcoming wedding as it is a subtle nail art look but definitely edgy and unexpected,” says Abramcyk. “The base coat of Catherine is first applied as two coats and then we use a thin tipped nail brush to paint on the slanted french tip in Bond.” Its not lost on us that this is basically two coats of a color named after the Duchess of Cambridge topped off with some Bond girl sexiness.

Kate Middleton
Colors: White & The Foundation

“Kate personifies simplicity, and this white half moon is a truly classic manicure dating back to the 50s when it was a huge trend,” explains Ilyinsky. “First apply one coat of The Foundation. Then make a half moon outline shape with a nail art brush using White. Finally, fill in the half moon shape with White using the nail art brush.”

Pippa Middleton
Colors: Jane & Worth

“We like to think of Pippa as someone who flirts with the traditional, and this gold lined manicure gives you a small hint of bling—kind of like you’re wearing nail jewelry on an otherwise simple nail backdrop,” says Abramcyk. “Two coats of Jane are first applied at the base of the nail followed by the application of a thin line along the cuticle using a nail art brush for precision when working with the gold liner.”